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Dealer Wholesale Pricing Available for WEIRDO Decks and WEIRDO Clothing. Please Contact Us for details.

Aaron Wical

Weirdo is ecstatic to announce that Aaron Wical has joined our Field Agent Line-up !

Aaron is an Extreme Ripper, just check out these pics...

Big Thanks for the pics, to all our contributing photographers.

Weirdo Skateshop - Open for Business !

Interested in WEIRDO and everything you need to Skateboard ?
Please visit our Skateshop in Hayward !!!

Weirdo Skateshop, a clean, well lighted, family friendly place, dedicated to Skateboarding.
We are Open: Tue.-Fri. 1pm to 6pm
Located on Hayward's Kelly Hill near Castro Valley
Please Call for Directions, Phone: 510-581-8782

Featuring a robust selection with everything you need and expect from a Skateshop from Beginner to Pro, with Pro Quality Complete Decks at reasonable prices.

Special Weirdo Thanks to Lance Mountain, Jason Jessee, and Greg Smith from Thasher Magazine; for coming by and checking out the Skateshop, and filming some ripper skateboarding in our
Killer On-Site WEIRDO Bowl ! You can check out some of the action here:

The OJ Show: Episode 3

Nike SB Chronicles, Vol. 3 | Lance Mountain

Weirdo Skateboards - Cast and Crew DVD Party
"Just dig a hole that's deep enough, and pretty soon everyone will want to jump into it."
- The Firesign Theatre
Lance Ebert crazy crail Ryan Carpenter sick stale lance ebert jojo heffington double trouble weirdo wtf steinlein group shot weirdo bowl wtf steinlein

Jason Jessee Stops by the WTF
to Borrow A Cup of Buttery Trannies

A handful of Weirdo Training Facility (WTF) regulars were pleasantly surprised when Jason Jessee and a few of his photographer buddies stopped by to shoot some pics and film for some upcoming promo media that they are working on. If you've yet to meet any of them, they are all cool dudes, and we here at Weirdo are stoked to help them. It made for a "magical" (used in the absolutely gayest sense of the word) weekday afternoon, and later we were all left to wonder, "Don't all you guys gotta be somewhere?"

Well remember kids, staying out of a full time job, is a full time job...

Jason Jessee Visit
Jason Jessee Visit
Jason Jessee Visit
Jason Jessee Visit

Weirdo Field Agents Ruin the Environment at Lake Tahoe
Re-Terror 3 Dominated by the "SICKNESS"

Re-Terror 3

Hat's off to Weirdo Field Agent Jason Richardson for putting the hurt, and some fresh pine scent, on the Re-Terror 3 Contest at Pat Splatt's Ramp in Lake Tahoe. He took First Place in his division, on a mountain mission in which the clean alpine air could have easily killed him!
Re-Terror 3
Re-Terror 3

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